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Pewter Pin

Image of Pewter Pin

Made in the UK from beautiful pewter.

Can be used as a brooch for ladies or a lapel pin for gentlemen.

Please select design from Hare / Fox / Dachshund / Cat / Hedgehog / Swallow / Whale / Bat / Shark

Approx. Size:
Hare - 2.5cm h x 4cm w
Fox - 2.5cm h x 4.5cm w
Dachshund - 2cm h x 4cm w
Cat - 3.5cm h x 2.5cm w
Hedgehog - 2cm h x 3cm w
Swallow - 5cm h x 5.5cm w
Whale - 2cm h x 5cm w
Bat - 2cm h x 5.5cm w
Shark - 2cm h x 5cm w

Postage - £2.95

If you order more than one item, only the postage charge for the largest / heaviest item is applied - the other item(s) won't have a charge.